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Robert Alonso Robert Alonso has been working with computers since the late 1970s. He worked with a few of the original home computers including those from Timex, Commodore, Atari and Apple. He also saw the emergence of the IBM PC, its rise to dominance and subsequent precipitous fall.Robert was published in 13 leading computer magazines in the early 80’s and was an editor at Electronic Fun with Computers & Games, ComputerFun, Compute!, and Personal Computing. John Wiley & Sons published three books by Robert when he was in his early 20’s. These books were about programming computer utilities in two different computer languages. After this stint in publishing, Robert worked as a programmer analyst for Chase Manhattan Bank and subsequently as an independent consultant.He witnessed the transformation of Dell from a small mail order maker of cheap PCs to a dominant player. He also witnessed the rise of Compaq computer from an imitator of IBM technology to an innovator and industry force that was ultimately swallowed by HP. It has been an interesting industry with much growth and change. Everything indicates continued excitement. We will see the convergence of several technologies that include consumer electronics, computers and even appliances.

This convergence will make our homes look and work more like the futuristic home in the cartoon “The Jetsons.” Are you ready? Robert founded Alonso Consulting in 1987. The firm is dedicated to delivering technological solutions to companies of all sizes with the care that would be expected from a friend. With a team of dedicated employees—including a core team that has been with the company in excess of ten years each, Alonso Consulting dares to create new solutions that deliver value and that are aesthetically pleasing. Unlike other companies that limit themselves by geography or other factors, Alonso Consulting limits itself only by the imagination of its people. So far, their imagination is boundless. To find out more about the company please visit the home page at:

Robert Alonso
Alonso Consulting

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