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Alonso Consulting just introduced an all new design for the web site (aka: Besides having a new look and an easier-to-navigate structure, it also has a refresh of all the state laws.

The Best DWI Defense

The new site now includes a brand new section with listings for rehab facilities in all fifty states. Each entry includes the name and address of the rehab facility, the phone number, web site, information on the type of care, services and programs that are provided as well as payment types. This is obviously a very valuable resource for anyone accused of a DWI or DUI.

There are helpful links to other web sites like National College for DUI Defense, Inc and also to individual lawyers who have paid advertising fees to sponsor a state. Although the site does not offer a rating on any of the lawyers, these are typically highly skilled defense attorneys who will not simply plead a case as guilty and hope for the best. They will take a case to trial and will examine every bit of evidence to try to achieve a positive outcome.

Although not preachy in approach, the site offers valuable insight into blood alcohol content measurement and, more importantly, the harmful effects of alcohol on various parts of the body. It also offers a variety of links to books on DWI/DUI defense as well as breath testing machines and how they work.

Since avoiding a DWI/DUI is the best course of action, we plan to add taxi and limo services by city to a future enhancement of the site and also plan on adding an iPhone and iPad application that will derive their content from the site.

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