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Oracle Acquires Sun – What’s Next, Universe?

Posted by Robert Alonso under Opinions, Software

A few days ago, the media reported that Oracle had acquired Sun for $7.4 billion. They also reported that Oracle will add about $1.5 billion in income as a result of the acquisition. The chief reason given for the move was Oracle’s desire to have a complete solution for its customers. This solution would include Sun servers, Sun’s Solaris operating system, Oracle database servers and Java as a development language and platform. This all sounds great and publicly promotes the supposed synergies between the two companies, but it ignores a potentially more sinister reason for the move.

Sun acquired MySQL AB, a company distributing an open-source database server, for $1 billion about a year ago. Why Sun would have purchased a free database server for so much always eluded me. It did not make sense fiscally and did not appear to be a strategic fit–that is, unless the goal was to subvert the popular database and pass it along to Oracle.

The fact that Sun acquired MySQL may be the real reason Oracle acquired the company. If you take it a step further, maybe Sun acquired MySQL as a favor to Oracle or as a precondition for a deal. Oracle acquiring MySQL directly would not have passed the smell test with me or possibly with regulators.

This acquisition should be an indicator to the open source community that it is time to fork the MySQL development and come up with a new database server that Oracle does not control. What do you think?

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